Rexel Brown Recyclable Paper Shredder Bags (Pack of 50) 2102248 | Code RM00360

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Rexel’s recyclable shredder waste sacks ensure that your waste disposal process is as clean and as efficient as possible. Both the material and contents are recyclable for the eco conscious consumers. With today’s ever increasing demand for online personal/financial information it can be a challenge to protect your information that you want to remain confidential. One way to safeguard your personal information – whether it be at home or in the office – is to shred it before you place it into the bin. Thanks to Rexel this process is more effective and advantageous when you can recycle both the material and the contents after shredding for 100% envionmentally friendly disposal. These pack of 580 sacks are engineered primarily for the Rexel Mercury RLS32, RLX20, RLM11 and RLSM9 115 litre shredders. The waste sacks are clean, lightweight and simple to use. Once full, simply seal up the sack with the safe seal strip and put out for recycling.

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