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Pritt Glue Stick 22g (Pack of 12). Made with 97% natural ingredients and 100% recyclable, the iconic Pritt white stick offers a strong adhesion and is a must have for your gluing tasks in the workplace.

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Naturally seal & stick your work projects with Pritt’s unique naturally based glue stick made from 97% natural ingredients including potato starch, sugar and water. Pritt Stick 22g is 100% recyclable when empty and made from 40% recycled plastic, the sustainable glue stick! Easy to apply, Pritt’s solvent & acid free formula offers a strong, premium and long-lasting adhesion to paper, cardboard, felt, cork and lightweight craft materials. The adhesive is smooth and easy to apply and does not wrinkle paper. The bond is repositionable on most substrates before achieving strong, long lasting adhesion. Supplied in 12 sticks, Pritt Stick 22g is a must have product for your desk and is ideal for sealing envelopes and gluing papers and documents in the workplace. This pack contains 12 x 22g sticks.

  • Excellent quality glue stick with high initial tack
  • Made from 97% renewable ingredients, potato starch, sugar and water
  • 100% recyclable stick
  • Made from 40% recycled plastic content
  • Very long lasting, airtight cartridge prevents drying out
  • Washable at 20 degrees Celsius
  • Ideal for bonding paper, cardboard and photos
  • 22g per glue stick. Pack of 12

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