Nobo Easy-Peel Whiteboard Eraser | Code NB33944

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Remove unwanted notes and memos from the range of Nobo whiteboards with the functional Easypeel Drywipe Eraser.After an error at the board we usually find ourselves reaching for something to clean it off with. Tissue paper is unattractive and unprofessional, whilst a rag beside the board gives the wrong impression about your organisation. Each Nobo Eraser was designed to compliment a range of boards and bring that touch of professionalism to your workspace.Combining 10 easy-to-peel felt pads with sleek egonomical design, the Easypeel Drywipe Eraser is the ideal choice for office or workspace. When you finish with pad one, move onto the next and simply throw the used one in the trash. Not for use with liquids or aerosols, employ the Drywipe Eraser pads individually for fast, effective cleaning on your dry wipe board, no matter environment or situation.

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